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Shy Husky EP Final Album Art.jpg

Shy Husky, 'Shy Husky' Album Review


Chris Farnsworth, Seven Days

"Shy Husky's music sounds like a distillation of decades' worth of rock. Are they going to convert the skeptical masses back to those heady days when the guitar ruled the airwaves? Probably not. But their EP is a solid debut that rocks, and these days that's more than enough."

Shy Husky at The Station Studio

Striking the Right Note


Alex Hanson, Valley News

"The Station, a recording studio set up in an outbuilding by the musicians Seth Barbiero and Lisa Piccirillo and operated by Los Angeles-based musician and audio engineer Matt Appleton, provided a recording home for Shy Husky, an alt-rock band that recently released a three-song EP."

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